Meet Cheryl

Cheryl is an LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor). Cheryl’s passion is to help individuals and families who are affected by alcohol and/or drugs. She has been in recovery since 1995 and continues to attend both AA and Al-Anon meetings weekly. She has been in the counseling field since 2007.  She has found that addiction usually has an underlying source, sometimes it is just boredom, or peer pressure, but most of the time it stems from unresolved grief or trauma. Cheryl also has years of experience teaching parenting classes and anger management classes.  She is certified by Psych Armor as a “Veteran Ready Healthcare Provider” for PTSD.

Trauma is a normal emotional response that a person endures after something terrible happens. 

“Forgetting does not heal, remembering does.” It can be difficult to NOT think about a traumatic experience, and even more difficult to let go of the emotions associated with the event.

It is not uncommon for people to find comfort in unhealthy sources that can lead to abuse or dependency. 

Having someone to process and work through these issues can help you recover. Cheryl uses unique ways to help you reveal what will heal you.

As Cheryl lives in a rural area she also offers Telecommute counseling. Simply put phone counseling, it makes counseling affordable and convenient for all.

What is an LCDC? 

Cheryl’s scope of practice as a Texas LCDC is  to provide chemical dependency counseling services involving the application of the principles, methods, and procedures of the chemical dependency profession. An LCDC works with

the user, family member or any other individual involved in a significant relationship with a user; the focus of an LCDC's services shall be on assisting individuals or groups to develop an understanding of chemical dependency problems, define goals, and plan action reflecting the individual's or group's interest, abilities, and needs, as affected by claimed or indicated chemical dependency problems.

LCDCs are not qualified to treat individuals with a mental health disorder or provide family counseling to individuals whose presenting problems do not include chemical dependency."


  • Public Speaker Coping Skills for a Healthy Lifestyle                                                 

  • Member of First Tuesday LA group                                                                     

  • Produced education films on addiction and recovery                                        

  • Daystar Television for Mad Ministry and WAY WEAR t-shirt company              

  • Women Destined for Greatness award  appeared on Channel 49 TV                   

  • Guest on KHCB Radio station for MAD ministry                                                  

  • Developed outreach program T.W. Davis YMCA, MAD Making A Difference  

  • Started the first A.A. meeting F.B. Juvenile Detention Center                           

  • Created YMCA home school P.E. Class                                                                

  • Personal recovery date                                                                                           

  • Developed support group, website, and curriculum for Homeschool               

  • Numerous cooking awards, T.V. Appearance, recipes published                       


Cheryl also has had great success in helping people of all ages to learn how to move beyond grief, anger, trauma, loneliness and many other emotions.  So if you are focusing on the healing and not the initials behind her name, she can help you!


  • PTSD Certified  PsychArmor 

  • CAADAC II #144709 

  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor #11249  

  • Associates of Applied Science

  • Criminal Justice Addictions Certificate

  • Chemical Dependency specialization advanced certificate

  • Silva Method Graduate & lifetime member

  • Child Development Certification                                                                                             

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