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 Addiction Counseling 

 If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and you need help, call me. Addiction is too much for most of us. There is hope, you can recover with help. I will work with you to find out what is the underlying cause of your addiction and how to treat it. I also work with the families who are affected by the addiction. I work with all ages from toddlers to adults. I offer telecommute services that are unique and individualized to meet  you and your loved ones needs.  Convenient and  affordable.

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I have years of experience with families, and youth teaching the following. I am not an LPC. 

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Meet Cheryl 

I have been in the field of Chemical Dependency since 2007. I have been in personal recovery from addiction since July 14th, 1995. My passion is to help others heal from addiction in the most effective way possible. There is HOPE you don't have to do it alone. I also am a member of Al Anon a 12 step program for the loved ones who are affected by addiction. Even if you are not interested in 12 step programs, I can still help you. 


Moral Reconation Therapy – MRT® PsychArmor® Institute PTSD Certified 2019LCDC #11249 2010 to currentAssociates of Applied Science Chemical Dependency specialization 2010Criminal Justice Addictions Certificate 2010Chemical Dependency specialization advanced certificate 2010Silva Method Graduate & lifetime member 2009Child Development Certification 1980

Why choose me as YOUR counselor? 

I am passionate about helping families and individuals heal in a unique positive fun way.

I use unique fun tools to help people heal. My methods are evidenced based, proven to have lasting effects. I meet you where you are and we work towards your goals together. It can be hard to seek out help and get started, but once you see how simple the process is you will be grateful you chose to get the help you were  seeking. It is the GIFT you give yourself! You have the answers inside of you, I just help guide you to find them.  So let's get started today.

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Thank you Ms. Cheryl you have helped me turn my life around! 

Ms. Cheryl, you are so positive and so energized and it comes through in every thing you do. I appreciate you! 

Addiction can be the great remover.

It can remove relationships, families, finances, and so much more. This letter is one of my absolute favorites! The mother who wrote this is an amazing women who because of her experience is now helping so many people. She came to me with the issue of her daughter not wanting to sleep in her own bed and with in 2 sessions of using my unique, practical, effective tools this little girl has slept in her own bed ever since, and everyone is happy!