I just got out of detox. Ms. Cheryl was my counselor she made everything so simple. I was very scared. I had been in and out of treatment centers for years. Ms. Cheryl explained things to me in a way I was never able to understand before. I am truly grateful for her help!. April

You are so damn good at what you do! You are so positive and so energized and it comes through in every thing you do. I appreciate you lady! Jesse :)

Ms. Cheryl has changed my life and my families life! I am able to practice the simple tools she taught me with my family. She did this family tree thing with me. It opened my eyes! I could not believe how just simply putting it on a piece of paper made it so powerful and I could EASILY see WHY I was the mess I was! She uses these quipy quotes that are so easy to remember but life changing at the same time. She is real and genuine and totally non judgmental. I am forever grateful for her! GO SEE HER!

Addiction can be the great remover.

It can remove relationships, families, finances, and so much more. This letter is one of my absolute favorites! The mother who wrote this is an amazing women who because of her experience is now helping so many people. She came to me with the issue of her daughter not wanting to sleep in her own bed and with in 2 sessions of using my unique, practical, effective tools this little girl has slept in her own bed ever since, and everyone is happy!

Ms. Myers,

I am so thankful that you are here with us. It is a like a breathe of fresh air, that I can take a breathe in between classes and what not.

You allow Mrs. W. and myself to give more to the Residents.

I want to say thank you for all that you do, for the Residents and staff.

Ms. B. 6.23.22

Cheryl's clinical expertise and her focus on insuring the client, her customer, receives the highest quality of care/service based on a foundation of clinical and organizational ethics is excellent. Professionalism. Customer service. Ability to work well within a team structure. Independent and critical thinking skills are excellent while at the same time knowing when to ask for direction and taking direction and constructive guidance well. Her sense of humor and ability to lead with and work with peers and colleagues of varying professional and personal skills and life experiences. If I had an opportunity to work with Cheryl again I would do do in a heartbeat.

Cheryl is one of those rare individuals who does not place herself in a work silo. She always asks those around her what she can do to make their day better. Always willing, eager to help and lend a hand. Humility is a key part of what makes Cheryl succeed at whatever she choses to do. Creativity and, as mentioned previously, the critical thinking skills Cheryl brings to the work place every day were impressive and effective. In my role as CEO of the facility where we worked together, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cheryl. She will be an asset to whatever organization she is a part of. W.B.

I have not met anyone more knowledgaqble in the 12 Step Program than Cheryl. She saved my life!

Hello Cheryl. It's my Sober birthday today. thank you for helping me with my Alcoholism. Especially with the big book and the talks we had at the GO 3 years today!